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Benevolence - Shanghai, China,'2019

Tenacious  - Shanghai, China,'2017

SHADES OF RED - Stafolk, England,'2023 
(Curated by Kevina Badoye)



The Big 'LITTLE' Exhibition- Bath, England,
'2023 (Curated by Ellie)

New Zealand National Youth Art Awards, '2023 'blue Gallery, Hamilton

Asian Aotearoa Arts Hui, Wellington, '2018  

12 Monkeys Street Art - Shanghai, China,'2017 (Curated by Ethan Studios)

Visual Art and design Exhibition, China,'2017

Life, Death, Transition - Shanghai, China,'2017 (Curated by Magic Ma)

The Spiral narrative in a klein bottle - Shanghai, China,'2017 (Curated by Magic Ma)

Charity Art gallery and Auction - Shanghai, China,'2016

Sweft and Friends Fundraiser - Shanghai, China,'2016

G.D.A Street Art Exhibition - Shanghai, China,'2016 (Curated by CN CREATE)

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