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Laussane 2020 Youth Olympic Games Medals

The obverse of the medal depicts an icy spiral that has several meanings. Its five components represent the five continents pointing towards Lausanne, where the world’s young athletes came together for the Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020. The spiral also symbolises the prevailing culture of respect, friendship and excellence at the event. Finally, it celebrates the hard work and dedication of each individual athlete. The obverse also features the Olympic rings and the words “3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games” and “Lausanne 2020”.

The design, entitled “Beauty in Diversity”, was inspired by a quote from American poet and writer Maya Angelou: “In diversity there is beauty”. It was chosen from among close to 300 entries from 60 countries as part of the IOC’s medal obverse design competition. The panel of judges was made up of IOC Member Danka Barteková; Lausanne 2020 President Virginie Faivre; Viviane Morey, representing the Lausanne-based ERACOM art and communication school; IOC Young Reporters; and IOC Young Change-Makers. It is the first Olympic Medal to be designed by a New Zealander.

Romania Olympic Magazine  

Magazine cover, Medal feature

Romania Olympic Magazine 

Athlete Photos with Medals 

Bueno Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games Medal Design Competition 

Prior to designing the medals for the Lausanne Games, Zakea entered the competition for the Bueno Aires medal design competition. Although the design did not win it was a vital learning experience in studying how olympic medals fit within the larger branding of an Olympic Games identity. The spirals are representing how the young athletes of the world are coming together to Argentina and continuing the Olympic movement, hence in the centre is the Olympic flame. The lines in the background represent the neuroplasticity in the brain of the athletes. neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to modify, change, and adapt. 

In-Verse Polarities (Soyam Dean, Niu Niu) - Album Cover 

The album cover is for the first EP of  Soyam Dean and Niu Niu Dou 'In-Verse Polarities'. They are a Wellington-based artists. The EP features five songs and lasts about twenty-eight minutes. It’s cinematic, eclectic and engaging.

CREATURE - Defiance 

Illustration for music video

(Screenshots from music video)

The Learning Connection - School of creativity

Social Media advert 

My love - Induna

Song poster Artwork 

Art Exhibition Poster - Tenacious 

Tenacious is the first solo exhibition of Zakea Page, curated by Chen Shen, presented by Studio White 

Art Auction Poster   

Art Auction raising funds for alzheimers research 

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